Sidney’s Veterans

The People of Sidney have always had a soft spot for their veterans and things are no different at the Grange.

Volunteers are working on a number of Veteran Projects.

  • Military Artifacts – project coordinator, Beth Golding
  • Photo Gallery of Sidney’s Veterans – project coordinator, Beth Golding
  • Sidney’s Revolutionary War Soldiers – project coordinator, Nancy Lecompte
Veterans Corner at teh Museum
A portion of the Veterans Display in our Museum. This area has grown considerable since the photo was taken in 2017. Come visit to see the improvements.

We have a small but growing collection of military artifacts associated with Sidney’s veterans in our Museum. Our most recent acquisition was a manikin needed to display a Korean War period Army uniform (barely visible in top left of above photo).  The uniform belongs to SHS member and Sidney resident, Henry Gemery. After dressing the manikin in jacket & pants, we realized it looked really bad without a shirt and shoes. A quick call to Henry. He said yes, he could provide more accessories. It took a crew of volunteers, some giggling, and hand tools to complete the project, but now we have a properly dressed soldier on display who we affectionately call Hank. Come on in for a meet and greet.

If you have photos, news clippings, and/or artifacts concerning Sidney’s veterans, please visit the grange and share them with us. We can take photos of your artifacts and scan your documents while you wait.

The Sidney Historical Society is open

Every Tuesday

1pm to 4pm