Sidney’s Old Houses

Sidney Historical Society has always had an interest in Sidney’s old homes and working buildings. Early newsletters have a number of interesting articles describing some of Sidney’s great treasures.

Roger Routhier and Beth Golding
Beth Golding & Roger Rothier with an early version of our Buildings Display Project. After a while we had so many strings on the map we couldn’t see the map. We clearly needed a better plan.

Volunteers are currently building a Map & Photo Display showing some of Sidney’s many old buildings. Member & volunteer, Roger Routhier, has created an interesting way for displaying photos of Sidney’s old buildings. Roger glues photos onto lumber scraps and shapes the wood to fit the photo. Each block house has a numbered and is displayed near a large map of Sidney. There are numbered push pins on the map showing where the building is located on the map.

SHS encourages you to contact us if you have old photos or personal connections to any of Sidney’s old buildings. We would like to hear your story.


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