Sidney’s Early Settlers

The Town of Vassalboro was incorporated in 1771 and included lands on both sides of the Kennebec River. In 1792 the Town of Vassalboro was divided in two and the Vassalboro lands on the west side of the Kennebec River became the Town of Sidney.

Volunteers are currently working with deeds, early tax lists, census records, military records, and various other historical documents to determine the identities of all the men who settled the west bank lands of Vassalboro or arrived in Sidney by the 1840 Census.

0011-Placque Honoring First Settlement in Sidney

Our database currently contains the names of about 1300 men identified with Early Vassalboro (before 1792 split) or Sidney (1792-1840). Many of the early Vassalboro men need further research to determine which side of the river they settled on.

Cliff Young has created a wonderful map of Sidney showing all the original lots and he believes he has has determined the names of almost all of the original land purchasers.

This project is closely tied to the Sidney’s Old Houses Project.

This is an on going project and we welcome additional volunteers.

Project Coordinators – Cliff Young & Nancy Lecompte