Member Notices

Why Change?

We are working to get “” pointing to this new website, but things are going slow.

Features of our new website:

  • You can signup for automatic delivery of SHS news to your e-mail address. Please do so.
  • We have social media buttons, so you can easily share relevant SHS news with friends & relatives.
  • The design conforms to the needs of tablets and smart phones.
  • A button for printing lets you print the SHS news and post it on the frig so you don’t forget
  • We are able to archive our messages and announcements, so you will be able to view older notices at any time.
  • We have a built-in search, so you can find older posts.
  • It saves us at least $40 a year over the services we are using.
  • If we forget to pay the bill, the website will not disappear, it will revert to the free name and show advertising.